Brand Storytelling & Sustainability Communications

With over two decades of experience in editing, content creation, and strategy development, Dr. Florian Kaefer excels in Brand Storytelling and Sustainability Communications. His global work spans industries, public sectors, and academia, integrating strategic insight with creative flair.

Contact Florian for:

  • Strategic Brand Storytelling: Creating compelling narratives for organizations and locations.
  • Sustainability Communication: Developing and implementing sustainability-focused communication strategies.
  • Place Branding with a Sustainability Focus: Integrating sustainability into the strategic positioning and narratives of cities, regions, and countries.
  • AI-Supported Brand Innovation: Leveraging AI for creative insights in storytelling and brand communications.

Bridging Research & Practice

Florian’s drive to bridge research and practice stems from his doctoral studies in Management Communication, in New Zealand, where he realized the disconnect between academic research and its practical application.

Throughout his career, he has worked to close this gap, bringing innovative and practical approaches to brand storytelling and sustainability communications.

His leadership roles as creator of The Place Brand Observer and Sustainability Leaders United keep him at the forefront of industry and academic advancements. Collaborating with the IPBA and participating in their conferences, he engages with experts like Dr. Robert Govers (picture), enriching his perspective.

These experiences empower Dr. Kaefer to transform complex academic insights into real-world strategies, helping organizations, destinations, and locations create impactful narratives and sustainable brand strategies.


How do you contribute to brand storytelling and sustainability communications?

I harness the power of storytelling to enhance brand identity and communicate sustainability initiatives effectively.

It has become my true passion to merge creative narrative techniques with strategic insights to help organizations express their commitment to sustainability in a way that resonates with their internal and external audiences.

My experience, coupled with insights from running The Place Brand Observer and Sustainability Leaders United, empowers me to craft stories that not only inform but inspire action, creating an impact beyond the story itself.

Your advice for integrating brand storytelling with sustainability communications?

Start by truly understanding your brand’s core values and how they align with sustainability principles.

Tell authentic stories that connect these values with real-world actions and impacts. Utilize strategic storytelling to not just inform but engage and inspire your audience.

Remember, sustainability in communications is about transparency and building trust. It’s important to be consistent in your messaging and to demonstrate commitment through actions, not just words.

Finally, don’t forget to measure and share your progress, turning your sustainability journey into a compelling part of your brand narrative.

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