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About Me

My journey so far has taken me through the dynamic realms of brand storytelling, sustainability communications, and place branding.

This adventure, enriched by interactions with over 500 global professionals, has cultivated a deep understanding of how compelling narratives and sustainable practices can redefine the identity and influence of organizations and locations.

I share these rich insights and experiences through my platforms, Sustainability Leaders United and The Place Brand Observer, and in my role as a speaker, coach, and strategic advisor.

My Profile


Dr. Florian Kaefer is a renowned expert in brand storytelling and sustainability communications. He’s known for his innovative approach in connecting branding with sustainability, helping organizations, destinations, and locations worldwide.


Creator of  and, Florian’s platforms are a treasure trove of insights, featuring over 600 expert interviews and a wealth of resources on strategic brand storytelling and sustainability communications.

Coach & Consultant

Florian offers strategic guidance in crafting compelling brand narratives and integrating sustainability into communication strategies, aiding organizations to navigate and lead in their respective fields.

Speaker focus

His speaking engagements revolve around sustainable place branding, brand storytelling, sustainability communications, and big picture insights into trends and success strategies.

My Message

The intersection of brand storytelling and sustainability excellence is where I thrive. As a strategic advisor, coach, and speaker, I guide organizations in weaving sustainability into their brand narratives, creating a powerful synergy that resonates.

With the insights gathered as the founder of The Place Brand Observer and Sustainability Leaders United, I stay at the forefront of emerging trends and innovative strategies in these realms, ensuring your brand and location not only stand out but also stand for something meaningful.

“In today’s world, a strong brand is one that tells a story of sustainability and regeneration, one that connects, inspires, and leads.”

– Dr. Florian Kaefer

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